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A tremendous amount of vision, commitment, and steadfast determination goes into the award of an honorary medallion. Ensuring that metal holder’s story is properly embodied in that award is an art form that Karl Loy has been refining since its inception way back in 1914. From the skill at the weaving mill through its refined printing and stamping process, the company is proud to have earned its reputation as a world-renowned leader in the design and manufacture of authentic ribbons and decorations that showcase honorary medals.


Trusted by discerning foreign embassies, consulates, and government agencies for decades, Karl Loy provides full-service original manufacture of ribbons—from elaborate cardinal sashes through discreet ribbon barrettes as well as cord rings, chokers, and medal carriers (ribbon bows and pennants). The company can work with you to craft precisely to your specifications, whether you need basic or complex designs complete with moirées. Trust the company able to accommodate everything from small quantities of less than 25 meters per ribbon type through 100% accurate reproduction of originals and your most important on-demand production needs.


The skilled craftsmen at Karl Loy paired with the finest materials and traditional weaving processes deliver that flawless finish you need.


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